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Dividend Income Portfolios

Investments That Support You through Your Retirement

What if instead of worrying about outliving your savings, you could rely on your investments to support you throughout your retirement? That’s the goal of our Dividend Income portfolios. We seek to provide an income to investors based on the dividends earned on their investments, while also achieving long-term growth to support increased drawdowns related to inflation. We focus on selecting high-quality stocks that provide reliable, growing dividends to support your retirement lifestyle.
The portfolio managers at Retirement Ally maintain a proactive, adaptive management approach that allows your portfolio to respond to changing market conditions. When market conditions merit a more defensive investment position, we can shift your investments and allocate as much as 50% of the portfolio to cash to help reduce losses.

Is a Dividend Income Portfolio Right for You?

Our Dividend Income portfolio model is designed for those in active retirement who are seeking to live off of their investments. Retirement Ally can work with your financial advisor to determine if this model fits your needs, and adapt it to suit your unique circumstances. A well-managed Dividend Income portfolio can put to rest those fears of outliving your savings by providing you with ongoing growth and steady income from your investments.
You can learn more about our Dividend Income model below, and we encourage you to speak with your financial advisor or contact Retirement Ally today to learn how we can design a customized portfolio that will supplement your retirement income.

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